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The importance of taking action

How many times have you been to a workshop, a conference, listened to a TED talk and came out feeling inspired, punching the ceiling and thinking "that's amazing!" "this would certainly help my business" "I need to implement this quickly" ... and then done nothing...

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Working with the Agora

For the past 6 months the Missing Piece had the privilege of working with the wonderful team at the Agora Fertility Clinic supporting them in their journey towards combining their caring and compassionate approach to treating women wanting a family and running a...

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Why working ON your business is so rewarding

Why is it important to work on your business? Justifying time out of the day to day when you are worried about revenue, costs, delivery, the bank, the landlord, the customers, staff, and your books can be difficult. BUT all these things are in the now.  What about...

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Getting to know Adele Tomasin

Adele Tomasin is a Business Coach and Consultant with over 20 years experience in Business Development and Strategy. Her background is a combination of big corporates and smaller entrepreneurial companies. At a young age of 24 she did a management buyout of the retail...

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What’s the future holding?

Who doesn't want to know how future companies will look like? Dreams, imagination and desires fill our everyday life and also spark ideas and innovation... but.... when talking about business, how often have you been overwhelmed by the amount of information on what's...

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Getting to know Mark Wilkes

Mark Wilkes is a business coach, consultant and investor.  His background includes working for the family print business, gaining degrees in electronics & electrical engineering and a master’s in business.  He has worked for British Aerospace,  gained sales...

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