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We believe excellence lies in a combination of commercial foresight and team harmony.

Ask us how to grow your Profits, Increase the value of your Brand and ensure a happy and productive atmosphere at work!

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Individual and Team Brain Preferences

Discover what makes people different and how to relate to them in the best possible way. 

How would your world change if you knew why your team doesn’t give you the information you need in the right way? or quickly enough? Our Brain Preference Profile will find out which of the 8 dimensions represent you better and how to deal with people who have a different preference than yours.

Are you a creative, instinctive and social right brain? or more of a facts and figures, structured and traditional left brain? 

Find out now with your personal test and contact us to arrange a full screening of your whole team. 

Leadership and Whole Team Workshop

Are you struggling to get your team aligned to your view of the future? Does it feel like you’re the only one working in the office? This workshop will help you review your Vision, Values and Action Plan whilst ensuring all of your team is on board…. they will own the direction of the company and feel motivated to achieve it with passion and dedication. Make sure they all behave following clear values make the workplace a harmonious environment where people want to achieve great results!

We’ll work with you personally to uncover your Business Intent, with your Leadership Team to define the values of the business and with the whole team to define your mid term vision and plan and specific steps.

Project Management and Accountability

Unlike many other coaches and consultants, we won’t leave you with a strategy and disappear… we’ll stay with you from 6 to 12 months to implement the change we helped create and keep you accountable on the steps. We know how busy a successful company is, we have experienced it many time…. your results are our results!  Like a sport coach we’ll be there to push you and guide you, suggesting the quickest ways to get results, sharing with you the frameworks we have created in 40 combined years of experience in business, learning from the best gurus and successful organisations. Consider us another member of your team, who’s on your side, someone to share all the frustrations with and someone to fast track your efforts to success.

What People Are Saying

“You energised each and every team member to feel part of the vision and future of our Clinic. One of the best business decisions I have ever made” 



Owner and Director, The Agora Fertility Clinic, Brighton, UK

“Thank you for being able to convey the change I envisioned and to allow my team to make the transition with me. I couldn’t have done it without you!”


Owner and Director, XO Africa, XO Travel - Cape Town, SA

I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome! Thank you very much for helping conceptualise the flow between “feelings” and “facts” in our workshop. It’s like working with a renewed and invigorated team.


MD, Principal Consultant, Mobius Consulting


When you lose your phone

I remember a time, maybe 20 years ago, when mobile phones were these objects making our lives easier, allowing us to stay in touch with people but still not the ‘smart’ technological gadgets they are now.  I have my friends' words in my memory as he was...

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When working from home…

Being productive when working from home is not always easy… and now it looks like we’ll be stuck at home for much longer than expected… so how can we improve?

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Covid Refugees

Are you a Covid Refugee?
Today we have a different kind of crisis and the Yuppie and Bitch Moan and Whiners, who essentially were the new money elites, have been replaced by a more general worker-based population. There are no elites. No one group is more or less effected. Covid 19 has hit every member of society and has given rise to Covid Refugees.

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