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When you lose your phone

I remember a time, maybe 20 years ago, when mobile phones were these objects making our lives easier, allowing us to stay in touch with people but still not the ‘smart’ technological gadgets they are now.  I have my friends' words in my memory as he was...

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Covid Refugees

Are you a Covid Refugee?
Today we have a different kind of crisis and the Yuppie and Bitch Moan and Whiners, who essentially were the new money elites, have been replaced by a more general worker-based population. There are no elites. No one group is more or less effected. Covid 19 has hit every member of society and has given rise to Covid Refugees.

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The 5 stages of a Pandemic

Nothing makes you creative like idle time... so I've been thinking, how do we manage these unprecedented times emotionally? There are lots of psychological approaches to loss, denial and many other difficult situations... so what about a pandemic? what are the stages...

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