As the COVID-19 situation evolves around the world, the UK is starting to buckle down and reduce contact, cancel events, close schools… we’ve been told this will last all year with alternating moments of very strict distancing and more relaxed ones.
So what does this mean for each of us? Are we going back to village life? and what is that going to look like?
I have to say I don’t dislike that idea… a slower pace of life, where I know my neighbours and I meet the same people in the shops, where we don’t go to big supermarkets anymore but we buy and live local… it has appeal! But how are going to find purpose in this new normal? how do we (re)discover what we are good at?
Most of us find themselves without prospects at the moment, what we were trained for doesn’t give us income anymore… we might be laid off or kept for a few months until there’s government support, but then what? what else is out there that we could do? what gives us purpose and how can we monetise it?
At the Missing Piece we’ve been looking at Business Purpose with clients for a long time… why did you choose this like of work? what legacy do you want to leave?
In these unprecedented times it’s not just important, but essential for businesses AND individuals to think about what they want to do, what could bring them income and more importantly purpose… this could be the opportunity to really make the best of your life… how can you combine your purpose with livelihood? take time now to figure it out! pubs and bars are now closed, your salary is guaranteed for 3 months… it’s the best time to figure out what you can do and make the most of a difficult situation!
The Missing Piece is here to help, click  HERE to download our Purpose Questions for FREE and discover what you could do … and if you need help in interpreting the answers and find a way to monetise your passion, please GET IN TOUCH.
With LOVE from the Missing Piece Team