The ‘new normal’ is here and companies like Facebook (and many others) have started to say that we’ll be working from home more often if not all the time… so … how do we cope with it?

At the Missing Piece we have embraced the work from anywhere attitude a long time ago and have learn a lot from this different lifestyle… including how not to become overwhelmed by it. So here are our quick tips …


Assuming you can’t buy a new house with an extra room, or move to the countryside or the seaside just yet, finding dedicated space can be difficult… but still important. A quiet area, even the corner of a room, is imperative when you’re trying to concentrate… but how can you make it work?

The best (and funniest) example I’ve seen is an ironing board in front of the window… great creative skills! and the added bonus of a view when you’re working! 😉

Ultimately what you need is some kind of separation between your working life and your social life… essential for mental sanity! If you’re really stuck there are a lot of nice co-working spaces that you could join, also great to make new connection and if you’re really missing the water cooler gossip 😉


Work involves concentration… whether you’re doing emails or writing content of finishing that important project your boss asked…. and concentration happens in short bursts! nobody can concentrate for more than 45 min in one go… your mind wonders, even if you’re a meditation ninja!

So give yourself some tasks, time them to 30 min and stick to it. Switch off all emails / phone and buckle down to work… the sense of achievement after your finish will be your reward (and yes, you can also go and get coffee)

One of the major advantages in working from home is that you can be more flexible and follow your national rhythm … are you a morning person or an evening one? when are you more creative? when are you more efficient? Let yourself flow and find out…. and if you get a great idea at night when you’re snuggling up on the sofa with a good film and your family, write down the main points and get back to it in the morning


Are you right brain or left brain? Do you like order and lists or are you creative, often in the clouds and a bit chaotic? Find out with a simple test and make sure to follow your natural preference… an orderly desk / work space is essential for a left brain person and having the same space as the kids playground may impact massively on your productivity….. as a right brain you might just need your PC on the balcony and you may have to change location every day.. or even a few times a day. Find out what works for you and don’t let “office rules” define you… your productivity will increase massively!