Brain Preferences for communication


Improve your communication and understanding of others. Facilitate relationships at work and with your loved ones. Understand your boss and end your frustration. Become a master at communication and identify easily the environments you prefer to work in and unleash the potential of the whole mind! Your results will inform your communication, how you build relationships, choose careers, make decisions, lead and collaborate with others.


You are who you are. But if you knew how your brain works, would you be able to improve your communication and understand others better? Can you imagine a world where your boss is not annoying anymore? Or where you understand why your partner doesn’t like surprises?

You can easily improve your communication with a simple test. Answer a few simple questions to receive a full profile of your preferences. The NBI™ General Adult Assessment is a measure of your thinking preferences—left hemisphere/local processing and right hemisphere/global processing as well as top/cognitive processing and bottom/affective processing.

It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the two sets of questions. You will receive a 7 page report with both the 4 quadrant as well as 8 dimension components.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could understand why you can’t keep a detailed record of your expenses? Or why you get annoyed when someone doesn’t follow the rules? We are all different. How our brain is wired can help us understand how we act, communicate and interact.

Meetings can become fun and interesting. Even just looking at someone’s desk or how they dress will give you clues on what they prefer and how they are likely to communicate. Improve your job, your communication and have more fun at work!

If you are a leader, you can develop a more meaningful leadership style, making more dynamic contributions and decisions within your company. You will improve relationships and create a positive work environment, therefore building on your results.

This test offers insights into the way you prefer to think, and increases your awareness of and sensitivity to the thinking preferences of others. This is an Emotional Intelligence tool, therefore able to guide you and your team to increased success.

Brain Preference Test

Whole Brain Communication