Mark Wilkes is a business coach, consultant and investor.  His background includes working for the family print business,

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gaining degrees in electronics & electrical engineering and a master’s in business.  He has worked for British Aerospace,  gained sales experience with Mitsubishi,  and became a senior sales director with Samsung. He has also been the vice president sales for a venture capital backed start up, an interim business development director for two technology businesses, one in IOT and the other in Brewing Technology. He has also held board positions and is a founding partner in The Missing Piece.

Mark’s story in business started after leaving school and joining the family firm.  The experience in the family printing business taught him about manufacturing, and he got a real taste for engineering.  He returned to college to study engineering at Cardiff and business at Bath.  His love of  coaching companies came after he discovered that he need help.  He trained with Shirlaws Coaching.  He since worked with business in all walks of life and believe that the fundamentals of success are the same across all businesses.

Mark loves to unblock, and find solutions, working with people who form the basis of the infrastructure of any business. 

He values time to have fun, loyalty, honesty and commitment.

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