For the past 6 months the Missing Piece had the privilege of working with the wonderful team at the Agora Fertility Clinic supporting them in their journey towards combining their caring and compassionate approach to treating women wanting a family and running a business with checks and balances.

The Agora is a fertility clinic founded by Dr. Carole Gilling Smith 12 years ago in Brighton & Hove.

Carole believes everyone should be enriched by the joy of creating a family. With 3 children herself, she knows how much happiness this can bring and wanted to make sure her local community had a safe and technologically advanced place where to realise their dreams of having babies.

In 12 years the clinic has grown to be well known and respected with some of the highest pregnancy results in the region and a reputation of really caring for their clients. Testament of this is a flourishing patient support group as well as the amount of baby pictures the Agora receives from very happy, if a bit tired, young parents.

Carole and the rest of the team, as doctors and nurses, are always very busy ensuring their patients are happy and looked after (especially when hormones run high in the clinic) and often get caught up in the day to day running of the clinic with little time to think about where they want the Agora to be in the future.

When we met Carole at the Acumen convention in 2018, we engaged in many stimulating conversations on the future of assisted fertility and on egg freezing in particular. Both Carole and myself feel passionately about the need for choice in a woman’s life and decided to collaborate to give options to young women in Sussex to decide their destiny with a bit more time than nature gave us.

The Agora also wanted to think about its future and how to develop the business beyond the extraordinary day to day realisation of dreams for new families.

With a careful plan of one to one coaching, leadership group meetings and all team workshops, we created a shared vision amongst the team, a unique direction that everyone in the company feels they belong to and enjoy working towards.

Working with medical staff has been very rewarding for the Missing Piece. Everyone has stepped up and put so much dedication and effort in thinking out of their comfort zone, changing their mindsets and really looking at the clinic like a business, but without loosing the personal approach and compassion for their clients.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a client take your advice and make a success of it … this is amplified even more when the end results is happy families and cute babies

After 6 months, team members feel more empowered to share their ideas and enjoy having a say in how the future of Agora will look like. Nurses and Lab Technicians have been dedicating some of their time to developing more solutions for the future of families in Brighton and Sussex with compassion, wisdom and happiness…. and Mark and I are beaming with pride

So watch this space…. more services are coming in the near future as the Agora continues to empower the freedom of fertility choice in Brighton and Hove with a little help from the Missing Piece

And if you want to know how we can help your team get in touch