Who doesn’t want to know how future companies will look like? Dreams, imagination and desires fill our everyday life and also spark ideas and innovation… but…. when talking about business, how often have you been overwhelmed by the amount of information on what’s coming next?

Robots who think and feel like humans, self driving cars, 3D printed medical tools and even micro amusement parks in your living room!

So, as a business owner, or director, how can you ensure your business is going in the right direction? how do you make it competitive in the Future?

How often have you used the same forecasting model of last year? only to lead to the same results for next year? how many times have you searched for answers on historical data? and how often has it been inaccurate in less than 6 months?

All of these questions are what prompted me and my partners at the Missing Piece to really look at future companies in a different way, take a leaf from enlightened governments and progressive companies to go beyond the ‘thinkable’ and start imagining the impossible… which is much closer than we believe.

Acceleration in technology development and uncertainty in socio – economical environments create a world where progress is exponentially increasing in shorter and shorter time.

The future is coming faster than you can imagine it!

So, here, at the Missing Piece, we have geared up to help you imagine it… and map it.

We are not science fiction writers, like the ones who helped NASA and Intel narrate possible future scenarios and develop products, but we are trained in the right Mindset and in creating Change in your organisation to allow your team to:

  • Understand current trends
  • Construct far reaching stories on future scenarios and stories
  • Imagine products / services useful in these stories
  • Build prototypes and work with R&D to put your company on the FUTURE MAP
So get in touch. Ask us how we can help you imagine all possible future scenarios and be ready for each and everyone of them to ensure your company excels in the future!