Why is it important to work on your business?

Justifying time out of the day to day when you are worried about revenue, costs, delivery, the bank, the landlord, the customers, staff, and your books can be difficult.

BUT all these things are in the now.  What about tomorrow? What will your business become if you do not think about why you started and what you want it to become.

We have just been on an amazing journey, we took three days out to join Techqala.  This allowed us space to plan and determine our next steps, recognise what is important and what is strategic and really work on our business!

In a community of entrepreneurial brothers and sisters we were able to test ideas, work with other businesses to extend our understanding and charge our batteries.  It was amazing fun!  International and local early to mid-sized businesses worked on similar issues from pitch to financial planning, from brand to build & delivery.  Using case studies and the support of experts in their field all of us grew in stature and confidence.

If you’re interested in joining the next event, please get in touch