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Adele Tomasin is a Business Coach and Consultant with over 20 years experience in Business Development and Strategy. Her background is a combination of big corporates and smaller entrepreneurial companies. At a young age of 24 she did a management buyout of the retail company she was working for, buying it for £1 and developing it to 5 stores around Italy. Leading her team and managing stakeholders she developed businesses all around Europe, South Africa and the USA, keeping great relationships with everyone she met.

Passionate about people and behaviours, Adele has a Diploma in Psychosocial Studies and has trained as a Coach, helping numerous organisations excel and find their purpose. Nothing makes her happier than seeing people achieve their true potential.

Adele is an expert at generating change in people and facilitating a culture of achievement within organisations.
She believes in passion, loyalty and commitment, but always having fun in everything she does!

Italian by origins, Adele studied in the UK and then moved to Brighton 10 years ago, but without loosing the passion for traveling. She now spends her time between aligning leadership teams with their founders, sailing the Med and playing beach volleyball on Brighton beach.

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