Working in an executive position can be lonely and many ask if it is wise to get a coach when finding it difficult to work on their own….

The answer is maybe

It often depends on various situations and as much as business coaching and executive coaching have had their ups and downs, success still mainly depends on individual conditions

  1. Do  you need help with making decisions, relating to people or generating behavioural / organisational change or just an extra pair of hands?
  2. Are you willing to put some work in? have you asked for help in the past and found your own way of interpreting the suggestions?
  3. Do you have the support of other people in the organisation?

Executive coaching sweet spot is in communication and relationships, for example when CEOs need to figure out how to best work with their board or when a Regional VP is scaling up to global responsibility and needs to learn to lead his/her peers, or when the IT director his blocking the new junior’s idea for AI which might change the future of the company…

Or when you’re just too progressive for your team and end up being isolated at the top, CEO coaching can help clarify ideas and support future strategies.

Executive coaches deal with change, internal, external and in your team… we solve complex problems by helping you tackle them generating self reliance and independence…. and more importantly we are with you on a journey of self -improvement for your future!

So if you’d like to be one of those people with excellent personal skills, a good listener, always knowing what to say and how so that others are not upset or offended, maybe an executive coach can help you develop the Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goleman talks about that will contribute to your future success!

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